Complete but Easy-to-use Field Management

Ignition gives you all the simple-to-use tools to manage your Field Service staff of Technicians, allowing them to have all the information, background and equipment needed to avoid 

Easy Scheduling, Magic Maps and Routing Tools

Visualize your visits, geographical area and schedule in multiple useful ways:

Magic Maps -Visualize your routes, customers, visits and progress in real-time.

Drag-and-Drop Scheduler – Calendar and Single Day view offer easy routing adjustment

Visit List – Manipulate visit in Bulk, for example when Tech report out sick or leaves the Company.

Check out Magic Maps here ➤

iOS and Android App for your Technicians in the Field

The Ignition App was built from the ground up to meet the exact needs of the Service Company User.  This includes:

– Easy Schedule View and Tools
– Full Customer History with Images, Past Visit Reports and Key Info
– Status Colors to indicate Completed, On Our Way, Started Visits
– Use Waze, Google Maps or any favorite App for Routing
– Drag-and-Drop to reorder
– View by Visit Types
– List, Calendar and Today Views
– Techs only see their Customers’ information

Visit mapping and routing

Techs can easily find their next visit and get traffic-aware navigation for fast travel.

Use Waze, Google Maps or any other preferred Navigation App.

All details of services to be performed are listed clearly

Techs have all their visit details listed in the App and check all the work that they have done while adjusting any visit report with unexpected additional services or products easily. 

Based on visit Types, Techs can check off
To Dos to be completed
Service to be performed
Products to be deployed
Statistics and information to be collected

With the easy-to-use mobile app, Techs in the field have all the details of their visits and can confirm/edit/add as needed, reducing retyping down to zero and increasing the accuracy of visit reports.


Gate/Door codes, Customer Details and location of equipment available to Techs in the field

Customer information stays valid and used throughout the system for less mistakes in the field.. 

Visit Reports as simple as filling a checklist and filling in values

Techs can use the easy App to 

Even typing is made easy by setting up frequently used Actions and Items making it easy even for English-as-a-second-language staff.


Techs have access to whole Customer Visit history to see past work including Images

Techs have the full service history of their Customer available during the visit, included installed equipment, past services, Customer issues and photographic evidence.

Collect quickly and easily key statistics like Equipment details, Chemical Levels, Observations and Notes

Collecting visit details like water level, equipment condition, PH levels is easy and ensures that your Customer stays informed with the up-to-date information which makes them more loyal to your service.

You’re in total control of how much or how little information you want your Techs to collect at each visit.


See where your Techs are at anytime

With privacy conscious location reporting, you know where your Techs are during the work day and figure out easily how to respond to quick staffing needs.

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