Fully-Featured Customer Portal

Ignition brings your Customer onboard with your business solidifying your relationship with better information, more accurate billing and a fully-featured Customer Portal to access anytime.  

Full Billing and Payment history

Cut down your Billing time by an average of 75%

– All visit information is entered once, verified and passed on to Visit Reports, Invoices and Service records.  No need to retype ever
– Get rid of all the paper
– Custom pricing per customer is automatically applied

Full Service History with all details of each visit

It’s like a CARFAX for your Customer service history with you.  All visits and work is logged with any information you want to collect and distribute with each visit.

This will differentiate you with all other providers in your area and provide you with a differentiator in winning new Customer.

Customers can use the Portal to contact you with service requests

Customers can easily get in touch with you with problems, visit reschedule requests or image/video of any pressing issue. 


Notify Customer of completed visit with full details

You can always download a hard copy of each invoice for those customers who want to receive it in the mail.

With Ignition, you never force a new technology down your staff or customers’ throat. 

Send Payment reminders and Billing Statements in one click

When you deal with late payer you need facts and Ignition allows you to generate friendly reminders with real in-depth detail such as aging of Receivables and invoice and payment history specifics.

Secure and quick Online Payments with fast payouts to you

All payments are secured with all stored payment information stored securely for your security and your Customers.  . 

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