Easy Billing & Online Payments

Ignition gives you all the simple-to-use tools to bill accurately using verified, accurate and timely information from the field.

No more retyping

Cut down your Billing time by an average of 75%

– All visit information is entered once, verified and passed on to Visit Reports, Invoices and Service records.  No need to retype ever
– Get rid of all the paper
– Custom pricing per customer is automatically applied

Bill multiple Visits in one click

Visit Report Details with generalized or custom pricing is applied directly to invoices, avoiding any retyping.  

All information flows from Schedule to Visit to Invoice to Customer Records

If you setup Visit Types, adding a visit to the schedule includes all the technical and pricing information needed to do the job and bill it without retyping.

Tech in the field can adjust the work performed for more accurate billing. 


Download PDF copy for Print & Mail

You can always download a hard copy of each invoice for those customers who want to receive it in the mail.

With Ignition, you never force a new technology down your staff or customers’ throat. 

Invoice Emails generated directly from the system

When you issue an Invoice, an email is generated with a PAY button giving your Customers the ability to pay online.

Get paid faster!

Secure and quick Online Payments with fast payouts to you

All payments are secured with all stored payment information stored securely for your security and your Customers.  . 

Easily add any Payment Processing costs into your Pricing

Set a fee to be added to any invoice to offset transaction fees right away.  Save thousands every year! 


See your overall picture

See all your outstanding action items at-a-glance updated in real-time.

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