Let your Business flow succesfully while solving all your bottleneck with Ignition Septic Software

Do you own or manage a Sceptic service business?  Ignition is an affordable super easy-to-use platform for you and your field reps can really make life easier.

Ignition’s Septic service software unclogs your company’s full potential for better productivity and better customer service. Septic companies utilizing Ignition all-in-one turnkey easy-to-use Business Software can benefit into simplified scheduling and dispatching, job routing, service records, increased customer satisfaction, GPS tech tracking and real-time reporting, one-click invoices, QuickBooks integration, and more to increase Sales and Customer retention

We know how daunting it is to change how you operate, particularly when you’ve successfully grown your business to scale.

Ignition allows modern digital technology to improve your company’s operations, increase your techs’ productivity, grow revenue, and strengthen Customer relationships. This essential pool service system is easy-to-use with automated scheduling, dispatching, routing, GPS tracking and full real-time views. Use easy workflows to track and boost your techs’ productivity, along with one-click invoicing that simplifies billing while delivering the ultimate customer service experience.

However, the landscape and Customers’ expectation have changed quite a lot in the last ten years, and it is now more possible than ever to adopt new technologies to share information, process payments, invoice accurately, satisfy customers and get paid faster.   Companies like you are not interested in complicated change, researching every possible choice and taking on big changes all alone.   This is why we build Ignition, we know the pool and spa business!     

The Dilemma

Let us show you why Ignition is the best move you can make to establish your new business on a strong footing.  In choosing Ignition you can allow you to grow your  business from very small to whatever you can can dream as it scales up with you.   

As simple to use than your favorite Social Network, you can now use the best tools that much larger companies have had for years to empower and grow their dominance.   

Ignition will:

Help run your Business

Organize all your Work
Simple to Use - Intuitive
Everyone can use it

Help you use Best Practices

Lessons learned from larger Cos
Implemented to be user-friendly
Cloud based and reliable

Get you fully onboarded

Our commitment to you
Our onboarders will get you there
Change with confidence

Make Customers Loyal

Make them linked to your Company
Look better than Competitors
Customers get a full Web Portal
Deliver and maintain Service History

Operate your entire Septic Business

• Full tool kit to do scheduling, invoicing, billing, statements
• Full Customer Portal for your Customers to use, differentiating you from your old fashioned competitors
• Every piece of information is a few clicks away, never miss a Customer or error again
Start taking Customer payments right away

Scheduling, Routing, Magic Maps, Billing, Customer Portal, iOS and Android

Software can really help you focus on your product and getting paid for your expertise
• Ignition can help you take the step of hiring more people in the business by providing a process to follow
• Allows you to "check in" on any job and make sure you services are delivered with quality

All the Tools the best Septic companies have

• Easily visualize all your Visit, Customers, Technicians and Work on a dynamic Map
• Real Time Visual Dashboard
• Visit schedule mapping and navigation routing
• See where your Technicians are at this moment, route them to the nearest need
• Secure and privacy-conscious Location services
• Work remotely

Reasonable and Fair price

• We don't charge exorbitant amounts for the service
• Best bang for the buck to get you off the ground and growing

Make your Customers "Sticky"

• Compel your Customers to stay with you and recommend you
• When they have their full service history with you, they are less likely to switch
• Better service can lead to better pricing. Making things easy for your Customers
• Full Web portal allows them to report problems, consult service and billing records, make payments
• Maintain PDFs for Contracts, Manuals, Installation Diagram and other documents on your System
• Customer who use a Customer Portal are 75% more loyal (Source: INVESP)

Full QuickBooks Integration so all your Taxes and Accounting is taken care of

• All your Customer, Products & Services, Invoices and Payments are fully synchronized to QuickBooks
• QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop
• Deep integration means no more export/import
• Seamless and running in the background

Ready to get Started?