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Creating Visit Types

Creating Visit Types

Visit Types allow you to setup once the details of your most often performed services.   Once this is done, you will never have to retype these detail in a Technician’s schedule or on an invoice as the information will move over from scheduling to visit to reporting to invoicing seamlessly.  

Here is a quick video to help you out:

Visit Visit Types in Settings

Visit Types helpIgnition recognize the usual types of Visits that you generally perform.  Typically, you will identify the most popular types of visits you do for service or maintenance and what they involved.  Visit Types are particularly helpful in avoiding retyping when Scheduling, Field Work, and Invoicing, since they carry over at each step all the Work Performed and Products & Services.

Visit Type Actions

You can perform a number of Actions from the Visit Type table, including reapplying the Visit Type details to all such scheduled Visits or duplication the Visit Type to create a new similar one 

Ignition Software Visit Type Actions

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