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Downloading Invoices, Estimates Schedules

Downloading and Printing Documents from Ignition

Sometimes you will want to download an invoice, schedule or estimate from Ignition.   Usually this is done because you want to print out a hard copy for mailing for example.  

All documents are downloaded as PDF in order to make it easy to send, open and review.  When multiple documents are downloaded at the same time, these will be grouped in a ZIP archive to ensure reliability.  See below for how to EXTRACT a ZIP archive 

Downloading Documents

Here is where you can download documents as PDFs in Ignition, including:

  • Download an individual Invoice (in Invoice Preview)
  • Download multiple Invoices in the Invoice (in Invoice Table)
Ignition Software invoice table download PDF
  • Download Estimates in the individual Estimate (in Estimate Preview)
Ignition Software estimates download PDF
  • Download Todays Schedule for Technicians in the Today view  (in Scheduling)
Ignition Software scheduling today download PDF

Location of Downloaded Files

Next step is to find the Documents on your Computer.  This varies with what type of Computer system you are using (Windows, OS X) and what browser you are using (Chrome, Safari, Edge).  Simply put the files will show up where you usually find all the files you download from the internet.

If you are downloading a single file (like a single invoice), you will find a PDF file

If you are downloading multiple files (like a bunch of invoices) they will be downloaded as a ZIP archive.  You will find all the files in the unzipped (or EXTRACTED) folder from the ZIP file.  Some systems like Safari on the Mac will do this automatically for you.  

  • Your browser will tell you in Settings where it saves downloaded files.  Here is an example with Chrome on Windows.  
Ignition Software Customized Pricing

Unzipping ZIP Files (When downloading multiple Documents)

When downloading multiple documents, the download will be a ZIP file which will need to be extracted.  Here is an example with Chrome on Windows

Once you have unzipped or extracted the ZIP archive you will see a new folder containing all the documents which you can now attach to an email or print in bulk.  In Safari for Mac this step is not necessary as OS X does this for you automatically. 

Printing the Files

In Mac OSX and Windows you can select all or some of the files the files in a folder and send them to the printer with two short commands.   

  • In Windows, This command selects all files within a certain location. So, if there are 15 files in a file explorer location, pressing Ctrl + A together will select all 15. This will work whether there are 2 or 20 files!  Tip: If you want to select all but a few files from one location, it may be quicker to select all and then unselect a few files than to select the majority individually!   When you are happy with your selection, click Ctrl + P and go through the usual print process! 
  • In Mac, same with COMMAND + A then COMMAND + P

Select All

(Control on Windows)

Send to Printer

(Control on Windows)

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