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First Steps

First Steps

In this module, we will walk you through a series of first steps which will get you ready to have your Technicians in the field starting to report out their visits into Ignition in real-time.  Most importantly, most of these steps you will only have to perform once or very rarely going forward.

Step 1: Setup Customers

You can enter each customer manually:

Or import an existing customer’s list:

This is how you can edit a customer:

This is what you can do inside each customer file:

This is how to delete a customer:

Step 2: Setup Users (your employes)

All Users must be added manually:

You can also edit each user access permissions on the main page of “Users”:

Step 3: Add your services and/or products:

Your Services and Products will already show examples of typical items according to your type of business:

Editing existing services and products:

Creating a new service or product:

Once you are done editing the pre-loaded services/products, and adding new ones, make sure to select any pre-loaded one that you don’t use and mark it as inactive:

Step 4: Create Visit Types

A Visit Type is a recurrent type of services and/or products combo you offer on regular bases. Example: typical jobs to be done for a weekly house cleaning, or typical jobs to be done in a pool maintenance visit, etc.

You may have pre-loaded visit types that you can edit and you can create new ones to fit your business needs:

Creating a visit type:

How to Edit the pre-loaded set of actions and items:

Step 5: Field Sleeps

The field sleep is what your employees will see when accessing Ignition. Later on you can learn how to customize these in more detail, but to start, this is all you need to do:

Step 6: Create a Schedule

Once you have setup your customers, workers, type of services, products and visits, start creating a work schedule with tasks to perform:

You can go to a particular client and create a single visit, or a series of visits (visits that will repeat periodically):

You can also create a single visit or a series of visits from Calendar:

For each visit enter the details: who is the client, specific jobs to be performed, who is the technician (user/worker), timing etc.

Step 7: Test a Technician experience:

From your phone, open your browser of choice, and log into the App with one of your workers credentials so you can experience what they will be able to do through Ignition on the job:

Ignition Mobile Creating a Field Slip

And now you’re on your way!

You can now start working with Ignition. As you work and generate visits to clients, you will be ready to convert completed ones into Invoices. Visit our Knowledge Base to learn details on Invoicing and many other tasks that can be performed.

We are always here to help!

Please contact us using our Support form anytime you need some hwlp.

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