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First Steps

First Steps (Approx. 30 minutes)

In starting to use any system like Ignition, it is usually best to start with well defined, achievable short-term goals.

In this module, we will walk you through a series of first steps which will get you ready to have your Technicians in the field starting to report out their visits into Ignition in real-time.  Most importantly, most of these steps you will only have to perform once or very rarely going forward.

We recognize that starting to use any new system, however simple or user-friendly, can be daunting so we are available to help you out – so feel free to reach out at any time or review the Knowledge Base herein.  We will handle Scheduling, Invoicing and other important parts in the system

Step 1: Setup a Customer

You’ll need Customers listed for Technicians to use in the App when in the field.  Usually all your Customers are already setup in Ignition after Onboarding, but if you need to verify this or add a new Customer, you can follow these easy steps.

You can find more about the Customer Table and the Customer Profile in this article

Step 2: Setup Product and Services

Next you’ll need Services and Products in the system in order for the Technicians to check off what they did in the Field.   Usually all your Products & Services are already setup in Ignition after Onboarding, but if you need to verify this or add a new Product or Service, you can follow these easy steps.

You can find more about Products & Services in this article

Step 3: Setup Statistics (Optional)

You can also add items or information which you want Technicians to verify or collect during their visits.   For example, you can keep track of chemical levels, equipment age, model and serial numbers,  and any other statistics.  This step is optional.

Step 4: Setup Visit Types (Recommended)

Once you have Products & Services setup, you can now setup the system to recognize your usual types of Visits that you generally perform.  Typically, you will identify the most popular types of visits you do for service or maintenance and what they involved.  Visit Types are particularly helpful in avoiding retyping when Scheduling, Field Work, and Invoicing, since they carry over at each step all the Work Performed and Products & Services.

Step 5: Setup your Technician Users

Next you are going to setup your Technician users in the Ignition system so they can start using the Mobile Application in the field.   

Step 6: Download, Install and Login to the App

With all that setup, you can now go download the Field Service Mobile App on your Technician’s Mobile Device.    Here are the links to the App on the Apple App Store (including a QR code that you can aim your phone camera at) and Google Play Store.


Step 7: Try out Creating a new Visit Report (Field Slips)

Once you are logged into the App, you can start creating Visit Reports (we call them Field Slips).  We will go through Scheduling and the Visits tab – where all the technicians’ schedule visits are listed and they can manage their routes and work performed. 

Ignition Mobile Creating a Field Slip

And now you’re on your way!

We are always here to help!

Please contact us using our Support form anytime you need some hwlp.

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