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Intro to Scheduling

What is a Visit?

A visit is a scheduled job.

Ignition lets you create one or a series of visit and aHach to it all the relevant customer information as well as the Services, Products or Statistics you want the Tech to perform once there.

What are Visit Types?

A visit is a scheduled job.

You can create as many Visit Types as you wish.

Each Visit type includes specific Notes, Services, Products and Statistics which are usually performed during a Visit of this Type.

Example:  A Spa Maintenance Visit Type will include a text descrip:on for the Tech of the work to be done and the Services likely to be billed out.

Navigating to Scheduling

The Scheduling section has three views

The List View – A table format where you can list all visits, search by text.  This is useful for digging deep into scheduling work.

The Calendar View – A 7day visual view which allows you to drag and drop.  This view is usually used to move visits around and create new visit series. 

The Today (Single Day) view – A Single Day view which shows you all your techs and what they are supposed to do today (or any day).  This view is usually the default one during the day as it can tell you what progress your techs are making in the field.

The Today View

Details on Today View

Visit Details

Visit Related Actions


More Basics to get your started

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