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Intro to the Customer Portal

Ignition Software Customer Portal System

Why the Customer Portal?

The Customer Portal is one of the most important aspects of Ignition long-term for cementing your relationship with your Customer.

In the Customer Portal, Your Customer will:

  • Review and Pay Invoices
  • Review their Billing History
  • Contact you for Service or Questions
  • Access their full Service History, including all visit reports, services performed, products purchased and statistics about their equipment or property

Customers will receive emails from Ignition on your behalf following certain activities, these include:

  • Completed Visits – Once Field Slips are Reviewed
  • Issued Invoice;
  • Confirming Payments made; and
  • Invitations to Register for the Customer Portal.

Studies show that increased Customer engagement through Emails, a fully-featured Web Customer Portal and Visit Reports create loyalty and materially increases Customer retention.

A fully-functional Customer Portal can also metrically enhance the perception of your Business in the eyes of your Customers, favorably comparing your image compared to competitors lacking this access and visibility.  

Customer Portal at a Glance

Complete Service Records

Your customers can review their service records which can avoid a lot of confusion and inbound phone calls.   A solid service record history is the top reason why Customer stick with their service providers. 

Customer Emails

Your customers can also receive emails (at your discretion) when a visit is completed and every time an invoice is sent out.  

Ignition Software Customer Portal Email +

You can control this Communication

You can choose if users get visit notification emails easily in their Customer Profile.

Ignition Software Customer Portal EMail Control

You can help Customers register easily

In the Customer Profile you control they registration to the Customer Portal and can reset their password manually if need be.

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