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Intro to the Customer Profile

The Customer Table and Customer Profiles

Your Customers are your lifeblood.  Ignition has collected all the information you may need when you have a Customer on the phone in once place, easily searched and laid out for simple access. 

Ignition Software Customer Profile Navigation

Navigating to Customers

Accessing the Invoicing Area is easy in the Main Menu.

Customers at a Glance

The Customer Table

Ignition Software Customer Table More Other

The Customer Profile

You can see all the relevant for a single Customer in one place.  This will save you a lot of time when dealing with a Customer on the phone or just in your day to day work.   While the profile summarizes all the relevant information the detailed information is always just one click away.

Customer Profile: The Activity Tab

See your Billing and Payment activity in one glance.

Customer Profile: The Visits Tab

You can manage your visits upcoming and past, including reviewing service records.

Customer Profile: The Payment/Contact Preferences Tab

You can set notification preferences as well as access the Stripe wallet where credit cards and bank accounts are stored securely.

Customer Profile: The Customized Pricing Tab

Here you can set the individual price which this Customer will be charged for your listed Products and Services.  Never lookup a Customer’s special agreed price again. 

Customer Profile: The QuickBooks Tab

This tab appears only when you have setup the link with QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online.  Here you will find some useful information being carried over from QuickBooks like Custom Fields.   

Ignition Software Customer Profile QuickBooks

The Media Library

You can store Media for each Customers in their profile, enabling your Technicians in the field to upload equipment, work or completion photos from the Mobile App.  You can also upload other Media from Web system and organize the Media with content tags, favorite stars and notes.  

Accessing the Media Library is easy:

Ignition Software Customer Profile Media Library Nav

The Media Library - Single Image View

The gallery view will list all the Media stored for this Customer.   You can pin images to the top in order to make sure that certain items are always visible to all users including Technicians in the field on the App.   

The Media Library - Gallery View

The single image view allows you to review key information about each image.

Ignition Software Customer Profile Media Single Image

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