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Making Lists of Technicians

Why make Groups of Technicians?

You can organize Technician users into Groups so you can visualize their work in Scheduling, Magic Maps and throughout the System. 

This allows you to manage Routing, Visit reassignments, Mapping for a similar Technicians crews.   This ensures that these Routing and Scheduling Calendar views only show the same types of Technicians at a time, making visualizing their routes and reassigning their work that much easier and intuitive.

For example, you can group your Technicians in Groups such as:

  • Maintenance Technicians
  • Service Technicians 
  • Estimators
  • Sales Managers  

Where to go to set it up

You can manage, name, edit and delete your Groups of Technicians in two places:

  • Magic Maps view (click on Technicians)
  • Scheduling: Calendar and Today views  (click on Technicians)

This is particularly useful in reassigning visits in bulk for a no-show or retiring Technicians.   It also allows you to see who is the nearest skilled Technician to a time-sensitive customer need.

Magic Maps 

Ignition Software Magic Maps Manage Tech Groups

Scheduling: Calendar or Today views

Ignition Software Scheduling Manage Tech Groups

Here you can check on and off any Technician from the displayed view, but also SAVE Techs into groups and manage these groups as needed.

Select from Existing Technician Groups

Ignition Software Tech Groups Select

Click and Unclick Techs you want in a Group 

Ignition Software Click and Unclick Techs you want in a Group

Save as a New Group (Create) & Delete a Group

Ignition Software Tech Groups Delete

Once you select the desired Technicians Groups, the Views will load only the information for the Technician Group selected, making it easier to optimize Routing, reassign visits between Techs with similar skill sets.

Example: Single Group (“Maintenance Techs”) View in Magic Maps

Ignition Software Tech Groups View Techs

Example: Single Group (“Repair Techs”) View in Today View

Ignition Software Tech Groups Select Today

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