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Release 1.3.3 (July 8, 2020)

IG-1479 > AS Feedback > Scheduling > Technician Selection Modal > Add Select All/Deselect All Checkboxes at the top
IG-1480 > AS Feedback > Visit Emails and Footer on All Emails
IG-1474 > Duplicate single visit > Assignee should be the same as in original visit (like it works for duplicate series).
IG-1472 > Calendar view > Page cannot be scrolled to bottom after applying advanced filter.
IG-1473 > List view > ‘Notes/Tags’ column text is not vertically in center in case work performed text is present for visit and visit notes are empty.
IG-1476 > Customers > Actions menu > Customer is not selected in Create visit/series modal when opened from customers page actions menu.
IG-1477 > Customer profile > Quickbooks tab is not hidden for companies having no qbd and no qbo.
IG-1481 > QBO > Invoices > ID is not present with invoices created from ignition.
IG-1483 > Account lockout policy
IG-1484 > Password Policy for Intuit Developer Services
IG-1485 > Session timeout (30 minute maximum)
IG-1488 > No qbd company > Products and Services > Correct results are not displayed with default item type filter.
IG-1489 > Scheduling > Blank page displays in case of opening a visit after making the customer inactive.
IG-1491 > Top bar > Actions > Customer dropdown is disabled when create single visit/series modal is opened.
IG-1490 > Edit series > Correct ‘about this customer’ information is not displayed for inactive customers and error displays incase of updating this field.

These two tasks from sprint are not included in today’s production build
IG-1482 > Couchbase bucket > single bucket for all apps solution
IG-1487 > Create/Update password > Width of boxes changes as error messages appear/disappear.

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