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Release 1.3.4 (August 10, 2020)

The build includes following in ignition web

IG-1482 > Couchbase bucket > single bucket for all apps solution
IG-1495 > Default Visit Types Colors
IG-1497 > AS Feedback > Visits SHADING
IG-1498 > AS Feedback > DRAGGING FROM TECH to TECH
IG-1499 > AS Feedback > USERS “schedulable Tech” changes
IG-1496 > AS Feedback > hiding inactive employees from the schedule view
IG-1502 > Bug > Field Slips Notes Column does not show Word Performed when there are no Notes
IG-1506 > Visit Types > Fix color picker to remove horizontal scroll from page
IG-1513 > Create visit/series > All users are displayed in technician dropdown when create modal is opened from Actions menu after selecting a user in ‘Assigned to’ filter of list view.
IG-1514 > Edit series > Technician becomes empty incase of updating a visit assigned to user that is no longer a technician.
IG-1515 > Duplicate visit/series > Blank page displays incase of duplicating single visit assigned to user that is not a technician.
IG-1516 > Users > Technician checkbox could be checked for user whose app access is off.
IG-1517 > Calendar view > Blank page displays incase all technicians are unchecked from Technician filter.
IG-1518 > Today view > All techs get selected again in technician filter when checkbox on top is unchecked.
IG-1519 > Calendar view > Blank page displays incase of opening calendar view after user technician access is turned off and only that user was selected in technician filter of the Calendar view.
IG-1520 > Scheduling/Customers > ‘Go to this tech’ option is not present in the Actions menu for unassigned/to be reassigned visits.
IG-1522 > Create visit/series > Save button is not enabled by making any changes after saving visit with status Closed.
IG-1524 > Create/Edit visit/series > Generated visits > ‘Go to this tech’ option is not present for visits that are not assigned to a tech.
IG-1525 > Scheduling > List view > ‘Go to this tech’ starts displaying for visit of user that is not tech after closing Additional filter modal.


II-287 (Resolved)
Cancel visit color change
Additional device info added in login AP


IA-139 (Resolved)
Date Time issues fixed
Additional device info added in login API

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