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Release 1.4.1 (February 2, 2021)

Ignition Release 1.4.1

We are please to release our early February 2021 build 1.4.1

Overview of New Features and Changes

  • Option to add new Product, Services or Statistics from the Create/Edit Visit screens and the Visit Type screens.
Add New Products
  • Reorder Product, Services or Statistics in Create/Edit Visit Model.
  • New action added in Visit types to Update all future visits of visit type
  • Action to duplicate visit type
  • Keep your technicians and /order selection in Visits Views to persist through logout
Persist technician view/order selection in visits through logout
  • Persist page size through logout
Persist page size through logout
  • A dropdown added in My Business for you to be able to select the Field Slip status for which Visit Notification email goes out to customers (Submitted or Reviewed)
A dropdown added in My Business for the company to be able to select fieldslip status for which email goes out to customers
  • Invoice status “Issued” is renamed to “Issued Not Sent”
Invoice status "issued" is renamed to "Issued Not Sent"

Ignition Web Release Notes

The build includes following in ignition web

  1. IG-1728 > Field Slips> Small AAG ‘No Activity 7+ Days’ should show correct results.
  2. IG-1773 > Alex Feedback > Scheduling > Large AAG .
  3. IG-1744 > Visit Types, Visit Series, Maintenance/Service/Other < Add NEW PSS
  4. IG-1756 > INVOICE STATUS > change name of status ISSUED to ISSUED NOT SENT
  5. IG-1747 > VISIT TYPES < Recently added PSS Units not showing up
  6. IG-1759 > Visit Type Display < VT Settings, Visit Creation, FS Creation
  7. IG-1767 > Global search > Invoices > Status issued is selected in status filter upon clicking invoices result from global search.
  8. IG-1741 > Dashboard > Vistis > Count for ‘Visits this week’ and ‘Visits last week’ does not match with calendar view.
  9. IG-1745 > StoryNew Visit / Visit Series Create/Edit – Need to be able to reorder PSS like in Visit Series etc
  10. IG-1752 > StoryVisit Type > New Action = Go update all existing visits
  11. IG-1753 > StoryVisit Type > Duplicate visit/fs type
  12. IG-1576 > StoryTechnician View/Order Selections do not persist after Logout/Login
  13. IG-1577 > StoryPage view (25,50,250) should persist through logout/login
  14. IG-1754 > StorySettings > FS Status when Visit Email goes out
  15. IG-1757 > StoryCSS  > navigation menu
  16. IG-1762 > Field Slips > Correct results are not dipslayed for ‘type’ filter.
  17. IG-1763 > Invoices > Edit Invoice > Some fields in top section cannot be edited.
  18. IG-1764 > Quick Links > Invoices > Status ‘issued’ is dispalyed incase of opening invoices page from Quick links menu.
  19. IG-1765 > Portal > Invoices/Dashboard/Make payment> Status name is not updated for issued invoices.
  20. IG-1766 > Invoices > AAG > Status ‘issued’ is selected in status filter upon clicking invoice status/payment related AAG.
  21. IG-1769 > Settings > Visit types > Page displays with continuous loading indicator incase of creating duplicate for a type having name with maximum number of characters.
  22. IG-1696 > Lambda should reduce/resize the image as well.
  23. IG-1774 > My Business > Error displays and some fields get empty incase of updating any company information.
  24. IG-1777 > Login > Blank page displays after login incase of using incognito window of browser.
  25. IG-1778 > Portal > Page selection selection does not persist through logout/login.
  26. IG-1779 > Login > Conitnuous loading indicator displays and pages dont load after login.
  27. IG-1780 > New Visit creation – Reordering PSS with a newly created visit/visit series isn’t working fine
  28. IG-1781 > All sections > Page selection is reset upon clicking filter reset button.
  29. IG-1782 > Scheduling/Field Slips > Products untis are not displayed incase of duplicating visit/series and converting visit to field slip.
  30. IG-1785 > Scheduling > Create/Edit visit/series > Blank page displays incase of adding same item more than once and then reordering.
  31. IG-1788 > Customer portal > Dasboard > Submitted field slip is not displayed in Dashboard when ‘Submitted’ status is selected in My Business.
  32. IG-1789 > Create/Edit Visit type > Create Statistic > New created stattistic is displayed with value zero for /low range when actually no range is given while creating it.
  33. IG-1790 > Settings > Create/Edit Visit Type > Blank page displays incase of creating statistic with large value of /low range and then reordering it.
  34. IG-1792 > Create visit/series > Blank page displayed incase of creating new item and then reordering it.
  35. IG-1795 > Settings > Visit types > ‘Future visits are updating’ hover text is not displayed when hovering on right of text.
  36. IG-1796 > Settings > Visit types > Text of confirmation dispalyed on updating all future visits is incorrect.
  37. IG-1798 > Scheduling > Edit Series > Updated detail is not displayed for visit type after using ‘update all future visits’ action for it..
  38. IG-1799 > Mobile > Visits > App crashes incase of opening visit whose visit type is updated.
  39. IG-1801 > Create visit/series > Error dispalys incae of creating series with stats having no value of /low range.
  40. IG-1802 > Mobile > Visit > App crashes by opening visit in mobile after updating item list from web.
  41. IG-1804 > Edit series > Blank page displays incase new item is reordered in edit visit modal after regenerating series.
  42. IG-1805 > Scheduling > Create series > Create buton does not work incase of selecing number of visits field and then generating visit.

Ignition iOS Release Notes


Ignition Android Release Notes


Known Limitations

IG-1791 > Create/edit visit/series > Item detail is not opened in new tab incase of clicking new created item.
IG-1803 > Create/Edit Visit type > All statistics display twice is list after creating new statistic.
IG-1807 > Edit Field slip > ‘Customer portal’ label is not displayed on top in submitted field slip detail incase ‘submitted’ visit email status is selected in My Business.
IG-1809 > Settings > Visit types > Specific time is turned ON for all future visits after clicking ‘update all future’ visits for a visit type.

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