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Release 1.4.2 (April 1, 2021)

Ignition Release 1.4.2

We are please to release our early April 2021 build 1.4.2

Overview of New Features and Changes

This current build is primarily focused on enhancing and improving the management of Visit Series, particularly for markets when customers are perennial customers where the number of future visit is not essentially forever.   The number of visits that can be generated at one time has greatly been increased to more than 200 visits allowing for less frequent management of current customer visits.  The system will now alert you that you have expiring series to review, giving you the opportunity to review the current visit details for this client and extend them for multiple years at time in less than three clicks.  

Changing Visit Series is now easier than ever, allowing you to Extend, Postpone or End a Series in one click.  

  • Customers > DISPLAY NAME.  We have introduced the concept of DISPLAY NAME throughout the system so you can control precisely how you want the name of the Customer to appear across Visits, Visit Reports, Technician’s Apps and the Scheduling system.   You get to decide what DISPLAY NAME for each customer and can use it in many helpful ways.   For example, if your client is a property management company, you can use the Display Name to identify the exact individual property.   
Igniton Software Display Name
  • Scheduling > New at a glance added to filter recently expired and expiring series.
Ignition Software Expired Visit Series
  • Scheduling > Edit Series > Past and future visits are separated in two tabs
        – First visit shown is always the NEXT open visit (next visit on the calendar)
        – You can use the PAST VISIT TAB to see past visits
  • Scheduling > Edit Series > Expired/Expiring series information added in eyebrow text.
Ignition Software Expiring Soon Eyebrow
  • Scheduling > Edit Visit series > User can now create visit series with following frequencies
            – Every Day
            – Every Week
            – Every Month
            – Every Year
            – Custom
                – Daily
                – Weekly
                – Monthly
  • Custom frequency allows the user to select multiple days, repetition and no of week of the month on which visit should be performed
  • Scheduling > Edit Series
     – Visit series regeneration has been updated to show the next scheduled visit and last scheduled visit date
  • Scheduling > Edit Series
    – Users can now extend/shorten, end and postpone series using buttons in change frequency model
Ignition Software - Extend Series End Series Postpone Series

Ignition Web Release Notes

The build includes following in ignition web

  1. Detailed list of uploaded JIRA issues:
  2. IG-1578 > Settings > App > Maximum Forward Calendar Date for App
  3. IG-1456 > Scheduling > Create/Edit series > Modal closes with delay after series is created/updated.
  4. IG-1746 > Changes to Visit Series Screen
  5. IG-1760 > Visit End Date BUG < Editing Existing Series
  6. IG-1877 > Create series > Visits are not displayed in ascending order.
  7. IG-1814 > QA < Update All Future Visits < Changes Made in Individual Visits not Series
  8. IG-1820 > Visits > New AAG
  9. IG-1821 > Visits > New Small AAG
  10. IG-1822 > Edit Visit Series > Past/Future Visit tabs
  11. IG-1823 > Visits > Remove Issue to Close flag
  12. IG-1824 > Edit Visit Series > Eyebrow Text (Expiring/Expired)
  13. IG-1825 > Create Single Visit
  14. IG-1826 > Create Visit Series > Weekly
  15. IG-1827 > Create Visit Series > Monthly
  16. IG-1828 > Create Visit Series > Yearly
  17. IG-1829 > Create Visit Series > Daily
  18. IG-1830 > Create Visit Series > Custom > Daily
  19. IG-1831 > Create Visit Series > Custom > Weekly
  20. IG-1832 > Create Visit Series > Custom > Monthly
  21. IG-1834 > Edit Visit Series > Action = Change Visit Frequency Details
  22. IG-1835 > Edit Visit Series > Frequency detail > Extend Series
  23. IG-1836 > Edit Visit Series > Frequency detail > End Series
  24. IG-1839 > Fieldslip > Follow up needed flag
  25. IG-1837 > Edit Visit Series > Frequency detail > Postpone Series
  26. IG-1838 > Visits Advance filters
  27. IG-1840 > Mobile App > issue to close flag
  28. IG-1842 > Scheduling > Large AAG > Space below text is more in single line text AAG boxes.
  29. IG-1843 > Scheduling > Small AAG > Spacing between boxes is less and boxes display in two lines when they have more than ingle digit values.
  30. IG-1844 > Scheduling > Calendar and Today view > Add ‘Expired visit series’ AAG.
  31. IG-1845 > Scheduling > Duplicate series > Expiry eyebrow text displays in create series modal opened by clicking ‘duplicate series’ button.
  32. IG-1846 > Scheduling > Visit series deail > Move Cancel and duplicate buttons towards left.
  33. IG-1847 > Customers > Advanced filters > ‘Service field slips’ filter text is not updated to ‘follow-up needed’.
  34. IG-1848 > OnBoard Issue < AB Pools < Can’t Create New Invoice
  35. IG-1850 > OnBoard Issue < AB Pools < FS no closed status in instance
  36. IG-1854 > Create series > ‘INV’ is displayed with ‘End date’ and ‘create’ button is enabled without generating any visit.
  37. IG-1855 > Create visit/series > Frequency dropdown ui issues.
  38. IG-1856 > Create series > By default weekly is selected in ‘Repeat’ dropdown.
  39. IG-1857 > Scheduling > Visit series details > Every week is selected in edit series modal when series of daily frequency is created.
  40. IG-1858 > Scheduling > Edit series > Duplicate series and save series buttons are not working.
  41. IG-1859 > Visit Series -> Visit Series can be created without any end date incase when start date is changed after generating visits
  42. IG-1866 > Scheduling > Add delete in actions menu in list/today/calendar view.
  43. IG-1867 > Multiple clicks on payment confirmation causes incorrect customer and invoice balance. Multiple clicks should not be allowed.
  44. IG-1868 > Scheduling > Expired series AAG > Results are not sorted in ascending order of date.
  45. IG-1869 > Scheduling > Expired series AAG > All visits having same last date of series are displayed in results.
  46. IG-1871 > scheduling > Expired series AAG > Results are reset incase of clicking expired series AAG and then entering text in ‘filtered by’ field.
  47. IG-1878 > Edit series > ‘cancel series’ should change status of only FUTURE visits of series to Cancelled.
  48. IG-1884 > Edit series > Number of visits/end date is not automatically filled upon clicking ‘duplicate series’ button.
  49. IG-1885 > Edit series > Duplicate series > Beginning date is incorrect incase of clicking ‘duplicte series’ for a custom weekly series that is not starting from today.
  50. IG-1887 > Create/edit series > Maximum size of the series is not as mentioned in pdf.
  51. IG-1889 > Edit series > Series should regenrate upon clicking ‘save’ incasse any changes are made in notes or visit types boxes.
  52. IG-1893 > Create visit series > End date field should be light grey with black text.
  53. IG-1898 > Edit series > Generated visits box > Visits disappear incase of clicking ‘cancel’/’reassign’ without selecting any visit.
  54. IG-1899 > Scheduling > Edit series > Error displays when a custom visit type ‘maintenance 2021’ is selected and series is saved.
  55. IG-1900 > Edit Series > Change Frequency Details > UI issues.
  56. IG-1901 > Create series > Visits are not regenerated incase changes are done in notes/visit type box after generating series.
  57. IG-1903 > `Edit series > Change frequency > Visits disppear from generaated visits box incase a new visit is updated after generating it.
  58. IG-1904 > Edit series > Change Frequency > NSV date gets invalid incase existing visit is updated from Generated visits box.
  59. IG-1906 > Edit series > Change frequency > Date picker cannot be closed by clciking outside it when change frequency modal is opened for series having no future visits.
  60. IG-1908 > Edit series > Change frequency of older bi-weekly series to custom weekly with every value of 2.
  61. IG-1909 > Matt Feedback > Create series > Every Week should be selected by default.
  62. IG-1912 > Edit series > Closed visit of today’s date disappears when a new visit of today’s date is created and then edit series modal is reopened.
  63. IG-1907 > Edit series > Show eyebrow text ‘customer inactive’ with same styling as other eyebrow text and with blue bg of the eyebrow box..
  64. IG-1926 > Visit Series Detail > ‘change’ button is disabled incase user visits assigned to user is marked inactive or schedulable tech is unchecked for it.
  65. IG-1927 > Edit Series > Custom monthly > Visits are not displayed in correct ascending order aftr regenerating series.
  66. IG-1937 > Scheduling > Mar 29 changes pdf > UI issues.
  67. IG-1928 > Scheduling > Incomplete visit with Today’s date is not udated by clicking ‘update all future visits’ from visit type settings.
  68. IG-1931 > Edit series > End series > Data in frequeny box becomes incorrect incase of clicking End series for a series having past /closed visits.
  69. IG-1933 > Create/Edit Series > Custom Weekly > Date of a generated visit becomes incorrect incase ‘sunday’ is selected as weekday and Every value is greater than 1.
  70. IG-1934 > Edit series > Custom weekly > LSV is not correct when NSV is changed in change frequency modal
  71. IG-1935 > Edit series > Custom weekly > End date becomes invalid incase days selection is changed.
  72. IG-1938 > Scheduling > Mar 29 changes pdf > Frequency box of series keeps on dispalying same data incase a visit of today’s date is closed.
  73. IG-1940 > Scheduling > Calendar view > 8 dates are displayed upon clicking ‘next week’ AAG.
  74. IG-1941 > Global search > Visits count in dropdown and results does not match.
  75. IG-1942 > Customers> Results are incorrect incae of clicking ‘With Open Service Slips’ large AAG.

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