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Release 1.4.5 (May 1, 2021) More Scheduling!

Ignition Release 1.4.5

We are please to release our early May 2021 build 1.4.5

Overview of New Features and Changes

  • Display Name – Customer Selection dropdown updated in fieldslip/invoice/estimates.
Igniton Software Display Name
  • Scheduling > New at a glance added to filter recently expired and expiring series.
Ignition Software Expired Visit Series
  • Scheduling > Edit Series > Past and future visits are separated in two tabs
        – First visit shown is always the NEXT open visit (next visit on the calendar)
        – You can use the PAST VISIT TAB to see past visits
  • Scheduling > Edit Series > Expired/Expiring series information added in eyebrow text.
Ignition Software Expiring Soon Eyebrow
  • Scheduling > Edit Visit series > User can now create visit series with following frequencies
            – Every Day
            – Every Week
            – Every Month
            – Every Year
            – Custom
                – Daily
                – Weekly
                – Monthly
  • Custom frequency allows the user to select multiple days, repetition and no of week of the month on which visit should be performed
  • Scheduling > Edit Series
     – Visit series regeneration has been updated to show the next scheduled visit and last scheduled visit date
  • Scheduling > Edit Series
    – Users can now extend/shorten, end and postpone series using buttons in change frequency model
Ignition Software - Extend Series End Series Postpone Series

Ignition Web Release Notes

The build includes following in ignition web

  1. Detailed list of uploaded JIRA issues:
  2. IG-1578 > Settings > App > Maximum Forward Calendar Date for App
  3. IG-1456 > Scheduling > Create/Edit series > Modal closes with delay after series is created/updated.
  4. IG-1746 > Changes to Visit Series Screen
  5. IG-1760 > Visit End Date BUG < Editing Existing Series
  6. IG-1877 > Create series > Visits are not displayed in ascending order.
  7. IG-1814 > QA < Update All Future Visits < Changes Made in Individual Visits not Series
  8. IG-1820 > Visits > New AAG
  9. IG-1821 > Visits > New Small AAG
  10. IG-1822 > Edit Visit Series > Past/Future Visit tabs
  11. IG-1823 > Visits > Remove Issue to Close flag
  12. IG-1824 > Edit Visit Series > Eyebrow Text (Expiring/Expired)
  13. IG-1825 > Create Single Visit
  14. IG-1826 > Create Visit Series > Weekly
  15. IG-1827 > Create Visit Series > Monthly
  16. IG-1828 > Create Visit Series > Yearly
  17. IG-1829 > Create Visit Series > Daily
  18. IG-1830 > Create Visit Series > Custom > Daily
  19. IG-1831 > Create Visit Series > Custom > Weekly
  20. IG-1832 > Create Visit Series > Custom > Monthly
  21. IG-1834 > Edit Visit Series > Action = Change Visit Frequency Details
  22. IG-1835 > Edit Visit Series > Frequency detail > Extend Series
  23. IG-1836 > Edit Visit Series > Frequency detail > End Series
  24. IG-1839 > Fieldslip > Follow up needed flag
  25. IG-1837 > Edit Visit Series > Frequency detail > Postpone Series
  26. IG-1838 > Visits Advance filters
  27. IG-1840 > Mobile App > issue to close flag
  28. IG-1842 > Scheduling > Large AAG > Space below text is more in single line text AAG boxes.
  29. IG-1843 > Scheduling > Small AAG > Spacing between boxes is less and boxes display in two lines when they have more than ingle digit values.
  30. IG-1844 > Scheduling > Calendar and Today view > Add ‘Expired visit series’ AAG.
  31. IG-1845 > Scheduling > Duplicate series > Expiry eyebrow text displays in create series modal opened by clicking ‘duplicate series’ button.
  32. IG-1846 > Scheduling > Visit series deail > Move Cancel and duplicate buttons towards left.
  33. IG-1847 > Customers > Advanced filters > ‘Service field slips’ filter text is not updated to ‘follow-up needed’.
  34. IG-1848 > OnBoard Issue < AB Pools < Can’t Create New Invoice
  35. IG-1850 > OnBoard Issue < AB Pools < FS no closed status in instance
  36. IG-1854 > Create series > ‘INV’ is displayed with ‘End date’ and ‘create’ button is enabled without generating any visit.
  37. IG-1855 > Create visit/series > Frequency dropdown ui issues.
  38. IG-1856 > Create series > By default weekly is selected in ‘Repeat’ dropdown.
  39. IG-1857 > Scheduling > Visit series details > Every week is selected in edit series modal when series of daily frequency is created.
  40. IG-1858 > Scheduling > Edit series > Duplicate series and save series buttons are not working.
  41. IG-1859 > Visit Series -> Visit Series can be created without any end date incase when start date is changed after generating visits
  42. IG-1866 > Scheduling > Add delete in actions menu in list/today/calendar view.
  43. IG-1867 > Multiple clicks on payment confirmation causes incorrect customer and invoice balance. Multiple clicks should not be allowed.
  44. IG-1868 > Scheduling > Expired series AAG > Results are not sorted in ascending order of date.
  45. IG-1869 > Scheduling > Expired series AAG > All visits having same last date of series are displayed in results.
  46. IG-1871 > scheduling > Expired series AAG > Results are reset incase of clicking expired series AAG and then entering text in ‘filtered by’ field.
  47. IG-1878 > Edit series > ‘cancel series’ should change status of only FUTURE visits of series to Cancelled.
  48. IG-1884 > Edit series > Number of visits/end date is not automatically filled upon clicking ‘duplicate series’ button.
  49. IG-1885 > Edit series > Duplicate series > Beginning date is incorrect incase of clicking ‘duplicte series’ for a custom weekly series that is not starting from today.
  50. IG-1887 > Create/edit series > Maximum size of the series is not as mentioned in pdf.
  51. IG-1889 > Edit series > Series should regenrate upon clicking ‘save’ incasse any changes are made in notes or visit types boxes.
  52. IG-1893 > Create visit series > End date field should be light grey with black text.
  53. IG-1898 > Edit series > Generated visits box > Visits disappear incase of clicking ‘cancel’/’reassign’ without selecting any visit.
  54. IG-1899 > Scheduling > Edit series > Error displays when a custom visit type ‘maintenance 2021’ is selected and series is saved.
  55. IG-1900 > Edit Series > Change Frequency Details > UI issues.
  56. IG-1901 > Create series > Visits are not regenerated incase changes are done in notes/visit type box after generating series.
  57. IG-1903 > `Edit series > Change frequency > Visits disppear from generaated visits box incase a new visit is updated after generating it.
  58. IG-1904 > Edit series > Change Frequency > NSV date gets invalid incase existing visit is updated from Generated visits box.
  59. IG-1906 > Edit series > Change frequency > Date picker cannot be closed by clciking outside it when change frequency modal is opened for series having no future visits.
  60. IG-1908 > Edit series > Change frequency of older bi-weekly series to custom weekly with every value of 2.
  61. IG-1909 > Matt Feedback > Create series > Every Week should be selected by default.
  62. IG-1912 > Edit series > Closed visit of today’s date disappears when a new visit of today’s date is created and then edit series modal is reopened.
  63. IG-1907 > Edit series > Show eyebrow text ‘customer inactive’ with same styling as other eyebrow text and with blue bg of the eyebrow box..
  64. IG-1926 > Visit Series Detail > ‘change’ button is disabled incase user visits assigned to user is marked inactive or schedulable tech is unchecked for it.
  65. IG-1927 > Edit Series > Custom monthly > Visits are not displayed in correct ascending order aftr regenerating series.
  66. IG-1937 > Scheduling > Mar 29 changes pdf > UI issues.
  67. IG-1928 > Scheduling > Incomplete visit with Today’s date is not udated by clicking ‘update all future visits’ from visit type settings.
  68. IG-1931 > Edit series > End series > Data in frequeny box becomes incorrect incase of clicking End series for a series having past /closed visits.
  69. IG-1933 > Create/Edit Series > Custom Weekly > Date of a generated visit becomes incorrect incase ‘sunday’ is selected as weekday and Every value is greater than 1.
  70. IG-1934 > Edit series > Custom weekly > LSV is not correct when NSV is changed in change frequency modal
  71. IG-1935 > Edit series > Custom weekly > End date becomes invalid incase days selection is changed.
  72. IG-1938 > Scheduling > Mar 29 changes pdf > Frequency box of series keeps on dispalying same data incase a visit of today’s date is closed.
  73. IG-1940 > Scheduling > Calendar view > 8 dates are displayed upon clicking ‘next week’ AAG.
  74. IG-1941 > Global search > Visits count in dropdown and results does not match.
  75. IG-1942 > Customers> Results are incorrect incae of clicking ‘With Open Service Slips’ large AAG.

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