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Release 1.5.0 (August 13, 2021) Minor Improvements

Ignition Release 1.5.0 (Early August 2021)

We are please to release our Early August 2021 build 1.5.0

Overview of New Features and Changes

  • Websockets implementation on Visits, Field Slip, Invoices, Media tables to view real time data.  You will see the data change in front of you without refreshing the page!
  • Visit Type filter is added in the Scheduling List view additional filters.
Ignition Software Visit Types in Visit List View
  • Default landing page is changed from Dashboard to Scheduling Today View.
  • Company can Choose if Technicians can see Customers phone numbers on their App.
  • Estimate Notes and Customer tags are added in the Estimate table.
Ignition Software Notes in Estimates
  • Search on the Estimates table is updated to filter the results on estimate notes, work performed, products, services and statistics. 
  • Public Notes are added in Fieldslip notification emails based on visit type public notes settings.

Ignition Web Bug Fixes

  1. No other meaningful web fixes to mention.

Ignition iOS Release Notes

This build includes following in Ignition iOS App

– Customer phone number appearing in App is now optional.  Some of our customers want their Techs to have it some don’t.  Toggle is managed in Settings section.  

Ignition Android Release Notes

No Android updates in this Build. 

Known Limitations

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