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Using Tags

Using Tags in Ignition

Tags are a very powerful tool in Organizing your work across Scheduling, Invoicing, and Customer Relationship Management.

What are Tags?

Tags are used to organize, identify, segment, group your Customers and Media items.  They are a very powerful tool that allows you to see a lot of related information easily as well as tag Customers with information useful to your Schedulers, Technicians, Accountants and Sales people.  

There are two types of Tags across the Ignition System for now:

  • Customer Tags – These are used to organize and group your Customers.  See below for useful some examples.
  • Media Tags – These are similarly used to add information to images which can be useful for retrieving information later.

Tags are visible to technicians in the Field, across the Apps and also when composing Estimates, Invoices and generating reports.  Tags are never visible to your Customers.  They are purely used for internal purposes to organize your work.  

You can also filter Field Slips, Visits, Customers and Media using tags to get at information more effectively or rapidly.

Tags are a very powerful tool that you can use to make Ignition your own, have work for your exact needs.

Example: Add information about your Customers

Customer tags are helpful in a number of ways.  They can communicate to technicians certain things to look out for, they can help you sell more services or equipment, they can also remind you of certain aspects of the relationship when it comes time to bill or send a new estimate or contract.   Here are a few examples:

Does your Customer have a dog?

Did your Customer sign an active Service Contract?

Ignition Software contract signed

Do they have old equipment you should discuss upgrading?

Ignition Software tags 2011

Are they just Difficult?

Ignition Software tags difficult

You can enter Tags anytime and manage them in Settings

You can enter them in the Customer Profile.

You can also manage Tags in the Settings screens.  Note Field Slips tagged are not implemented yet.   Please note that the order of the Tags in this list dictates in which order they will appear wherever they are listed in the System,  Just drag and drop to reorder as needed.

Ignition Software tags settings

You can see Tags all across the System

They appear in the Customer section

Ignition Software tags customers

They appear across the Scheduling screens for this Customer’s visit

Ignition Software tags scheduling

When reviewing Field Slips (Visit Reports) coming in

Ignition Software tags Field Slips

When putting together an Invoice.  This is particularly useful to remind you of special deals, invoicing frequency and generally avoiding to have to go elsewhere to cehc on relevant information.

Ignition Software tags Invoice

You can filter information based on Tags

You can filter your Customers using tags.

For example, you can see all your Customers who you need to Auto Charge at the end of the month.

Ignition Software tags filter customers

You can see list all your Field Slips (Visit Reports) for Customers who are on a Pay-as-you-Go arrangement whom you need to invoice monthly, excluding all the All Inclusive Visits..

Ignition Software tags filter field slips2

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