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The Invoice Builder

Getting Familiar with the Invoice Builder

The Invoice Builder was built from the ground up to put all the relevant Information at your fingertips when putting together an invoice.   

Every Invoice is made up of four sections:

  • The Header, where you can see in what status the Invoice is in.
  • The Invoice Builder, which is where you will be adding and organizing Services and Products for billing.  It can be organized into sections so you can separate out individual visits or projects as needed.  Field Slips come in as individual sections and you can add text description and set taxable/non-taxable flags as needed.
  • The Info Sidebar, where you will see all kinds of useful Customer information, such as their existing balance, billing preferences, Customized Pricing, past activity and any billing notes you may have made as a reminder.
  • The Action Bar, where you can execute tasks such as Take a Payment, Issue a Credit, attach a file and send out this Invoice by email.

The Invoice Builder is where you will create or edit the Invoice

The Information Sidebar is particularly useful

The Information Sidebar has four tabs which contains a lot of the information you may want to have handy when processing your Billing.   These include:

  • The Client tab, where you can review Billing preferences, customer balances and your own Billing notes.
  • The Pricing tab, where you can keep track of all the Customized individualized pricing already set for this Customer.  Please note that any such Custom Price is already applied in the Field Slip and the Invoice, but you have it here for confirmation.
  • The Invoice tab, where you can see any payment applied to this invoice and the included Field Slips or Estimates.
  • The Activity tab, where you can review a summary of the Customer’s Invoice and Payment history and check prior invoicing, pricing and payments.
Ignition Software Invoice Builder Information Sidebar

The Header and Footer allow important functionality

Ignition Software Invoice Builder Header and Footer
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