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QBO: Things to do before making the connection

QuickBooks Online: Things to do before making the connection

QuickBooks Online requires a number of settings to be adjusted in order to properly synchronize information seamlessly.    

Usually as part of onboarding, we contact you to ask you to perform the following steps in order to get ready for the synchronization.   Once you have performed these please get in touch as we will then be able to get you all synchronized with QuickBooks online 

1. Enable QuickBooks Automatic Sales Tax and Setup Tax Agency

Enable QuickBooks Online automatic sales tax.  Please make sure that you have followed all the steps involved in enabling automated sales tax. 

As a result, you should have setup at least one tax agency.   This step is usually necessary if you don’t have a Sales Tax set up in QuickBooks Online already.

2. Enable QuickBooks Online shipping and discount features

3. Disable QuickBooks Online custom transaction numbers feature

4. Disable QuickBooks Online automatic apply credits feature.

5. Create new payment method "Other" on the QuickBooks Online account.

That’s it. You are now all set to connect QuickBooks Online with the Ignition. If you are having a trouble in doing any of the above steps, feel free to contact us using the following information. It is always recommend to send us the screenshot in case of any problem.

6. Let us know this is Complete

Notify Us that all these steps have been completed and we will turn on the synchronization to get you started.

Please email us when this is complete.  You can also use our Support form but usually replying to our email is faster.

Quick Checklist

Here is a quick checklist for you to see if this part of the setup is completed

We are always here to help!

Please contact us using our Support form anytime you need some hwlp.

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