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Using Color in Ignition

Using Color in Ignition

Check out a few different ways you can use color across the system to make your life easier

In the Calendar

You can set Visit Types to a particular color so they are more or less visible on the calendar.  For example you can set the color of your more important visits (such as for example HEATER CALLS) to BLACK while leaving other visit types like MAINTENANCE in YELLOW so they are less 

In turn this looks like this .

If you see Blue Text, Click on It

Often when you see Blue text it is there to let you know you can click on it to get more information,

Ignition Software Blue Text
Ignition Software Address for Maps

If you see a Orange Dollar Sign, this Customer is setup for Payments

If you see a DOLLAR sign next to a Customer, this tells you that a method of payment has been setup for this customer, wether you added it in Ignition or the Customer added it in the Customer Portal

Ignition Software Dollar SIgn Payment Set up

If you see a Orange Flag or HIGH indicator, this Visit or Field Slip needs attention

If you see a FLAG or a HIGH indicator the system is telling you there is something about this Visit or Field Slip which requires your review.

The FLAG indicator (Manually set) is there to tell you that someone along the way (the Technician, an office staffer) has set this flag to let everyone know there is something about this Visit or Field Slips which needs flagging.  This is often used in conjunction with the Notes where questions, problems, needs or feedback can be entered.

The HIGH indicator (Automatically set by the System) is there to tell you that this Field Slip is valued above a certain threshold.  This tells you when a Visit Report (Field Slips) is worth in Services performed and Product supplied high enough of a value.  This can help you determine the priority in billing or where large chunks of unpaid work need to be pushed along to invoicing.  You can set the threshold value for Maintenance and Service Field Slips in My Business.  

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