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When do Customers get Email?

When do Customers get Emails?

You can control when Customers get emails and what kind of emails they receive.  Customers can also easily set up their preferences in the Customer Portal.  All newly created Customers receive emails by default.   

Completed Service Visit Emails

Customers receive an email with all the details of their just recently completed visit depending on the Status of the Field Slip (Visit Report) you have set in the Ignition Settings.   

For companies which want to verify visit reports before they go out to Customers, the proper setting is the Reviewed status.   Note Reviewed Field Slips are those that a manager has review 

For companies who are confident that technician filed Visit Reports (Field Slips) are always accurate, the proper setting is Submitted.   Note:  Submitted Field Slips are those coming in from the App in the field.

A dropdown added in My Business for the company to be able to select fieldslip status for which email goes out to customers

Here is an example of the Completed Visit Notification emails which includes some service details for the visit. .

customer email

You can also turn off Completed Visit Notification emails for those Customers who prefer not to be notified.  Here is how you do this.

Ignition Software Customer Portal EMail Control

Invoice Emails

Customers will receive an email with their invoice and the ability to Pay online when you choose to send it to them in the Invoicing module.

Ignition Software Invoice Builder Header and Footer

Here is what that email looks like

invoicing emails

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