The Friendliest, one-stop solution for your Service Company is full of all the features you need to run your Company.

IGNITION was created by Service Professionals to run their businesses from soup-to-nuts and handle all the information, staff and customer needs to focus on growing customer relationships.   Get rid of all the paper, reduce errors with more accurate visit reports, handle Customer issues faster and increase Customer loyalty by locking them into a communicative relationship with your Company.

Simple and Powerful Scheduling

• Create flexible and easy-to-understand Schedules for all your Staff
• Synched in instant real-time, seamlessly with iOS and Android Mobile App
• Define your Types of Visits,
• Drag-and-Drop Schedule Maker
• Download hardcopy as backups
• Create Visit Series and adjust them easily

Easy Billing & Online Payments

• No more retyping
• Cut down your Billing time by an average of 75%
• Bill multiple Visits in one click
• All information flows from Schedule to Visit to Invoice to Customer Records
• Download PDF copy for Print & Mail
• Invoice Emails generated directly from the system
• Secure and quick Online Payments with fast payouts to you
• Easily add any Payment Processing costs into your Pricing

Like a Social Timeline, but for your Business

• A complete timeline of all the developments in your company, like a Social Media timeline
• Daily, Weekly and Monthly recap
• See full customer history
• Customers get the same full history in their Customer Portal
• Add notes, calls and document uploads

Complete Field Management

• iOS and Android App for your Technicians in the Field
• Visit mapping and routing
• All details of services to be performed are listed clearly
• Gate/Door codes, Customer Details and location of equipment available to Techs in the field
• Techs only see their Customers information
• Visit Reports as simple as filling a checklist and filling in values
• Techs have access to whole Customer Visit history to see past work including Images
• Collect quickly and easily key statistics like Equipment details, Chemical Levels, Observations and Notes

Full Mapping & Routing

• Easily visualize all your Visit, Customers, Technicians and Work on a dynamic Map
• Real Time Visual Dashboard
• Visit schedule mapping and navigation routing
• See where your Technicians are at this moment, route them to the nearest need
• Secure and privacy-conscious Location services

Images & Media

• Upload, manage and review Job, Customer and Equipment images and videos
• Pin and Favorite any images for easy retrieval
• Techs can see equipment location, past work and past visit results
• App Access for Techs
• Upload and maintain PDFs for Contracts, Manuals, Installation Diagram and other documents

Fully-Featured Customer Portal

• Full Billing and Payment history
• Full Service History with all details of each visit
• Customer can use the Portal to contact you with service requests
• Notify Customer of completed visit with full details
• Customer who use a Customer Portal are 75% more loyal (Source: INVESP)
• Send Payment reminders and Billing Statements in one click

Documents Management

• Generate Contracts, Estimates and Mailers easily
• Send Documents to be signed and take Payments Send Documents to be signed and take Payments
• Manage operating manuals, worksheets
• Easily search for all Documents

Full QuickBooks Integration

• All you Customer, Products & Services, Invoices and Payments are fully synchronized to QuickBooks
• QuickBooks Online
• Deep integration means no more export/import
• Seamless and running in the background

Customer Communication

• Simple but effective messages
• Attach any Invoice, Scheduled Visit, Visit Report to any messages
• Company Address book
• Move all your Professional messages away from your personal chat and email

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