Why get started on Ignition?

Trying Ignition out is one of the best ways to see if the system is good for you.

You will get to experience:
- All-in-one solution to run your whole business
- Turn-key system for scheduling, visit setup and
- Complete field management with Technician iOS and Android Apps
- Easy and quick online payments
- GPS tracking
- Fully-features Customer portal website for your clients to use

Trying it out will let you find out if and how software can manage your staff, handle client needs, and simplify billing and getting paid.

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Start your engine, you have ignition.

Getting started is easy. The basics can be learned in an afternoon, we designed Ignition to make work simple.

Step 1
We set you up with a login

We collect from you a little information and create your account. If you use QuickBooks then we set that up to with you.

Step 2
Start using the Apps and the Website

You and your staff can use easy-to-use Apps to record Work Performed on site, review the technical details and pricing of any job, send invoices and get paid.

Step 3
Use more features over time to solve more problems

Ignition is a series of modules which make Scheduling, Field Work, Customer Relationships, Billing, Payments management seamless