Simple and Powerful Scheduling

Your Business Day at a Glance.  Synched in real-time to every screen and device in the field.  Simple to use.

Intuitive To Use

The Scheduler was built from the ground up to meet the exact needs of the Service Company User.  This includes:

– Time Specific Appointments
– Drag and Drop Reordering
– Drag and Drop Reassign to another Tech
– Drag and Drop Reorder Visits
– Custom Color Borders for Visit Types
– Shading to indicate Completed, On the Way, In Progress
– View by Visit Types and Other Filters
– List, Calendar and Today Views
– Easy Global Search

Everything you need to setup, change, adjust your Schedule easily.  Always reflected on all devices and screens at the same time!

Avoid Retyping by Using Visit Types

Creating Visit Types allow you to schedule visits and streamline billing without recreating visit details for recurring types of services.

Drag-and-Drop Schedule Maker

Our Scheduler was built and designed in cooperation with Service Company dispatchers to give them the tools they wish they had.  We know that you don’t show up at work site always at a specific time, and our scheduler uses a smart calendar rather than the traditional hour-based day runner with the ability to re-order each Tech’s day.

This makes reassigning AWOL tech visit as easy as an easy  drag-and-drop.   Dispatching is easy with all the individual visit info right there on the screen.


Synched in instant real-time, seamlessly with iOS and Android Mobile App

Your technicians will be able to view their schedule and record job information using their personal devices. Job details are updated INSTANTLY to technician’s devices. Your office will get real time updates to job statuses and visit reports.

Ignition Software Visit Details

Easily see Visit Details and Notes

You can easily see all the visit details and enter any pertinent notes for everyone to share.

Paper Backup for Physical Visit Lists

In case your employees have any issues with using their personal devices, we provide an easy to use print out of visit schedules for them to take with them. They can record job information which can easily be converted to a field slip in the office to streamline billing.

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